What are the Supplements or Pills for Weight Loss?

At present obesity is one of the main diseases which are also known as mother of the diseases. It is mainly caused by extra taking food, junk food, no physical exercise, cold drinks and many more. Heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol are the main and dangerous diseases due to obesity. Now youth are interested in junk foods or fast foods and drinks such as burgers, pizza, snacks bear, cold drinks and many more which are responsible for fast increasing weight. Weight loss is the main or permanent solution of obesity which also prevents several diseases.

Weight loss is the reduction in body mass by physical exercise, and take low calorie food which can help in the prevention of several related to obesity. It is based on our some diet which controls the appetite and decrease the food intake. Low calorie food is the best diet for weight loss.

How to lose weight – There are several tips to reduce weight which are discussed below –

  • If you want to reduce weight then avoid junk food such as pizza, burger, snacks and many more item which increase the weight of the person
  • We should daily exercise for 20 to 30 minutes which reduces the fat and becomes a healthy person with great fitness.
  • We should avoid those foods which are rich in fat such as butter, ghee, cheese and many more. These far rich foods are responsible for increasing weight fast.
  • If you are suffered with obesity then avoid such hot or cold drinks such as tea, coffee, cold drinks, bear and many more drinks. These drinks are also responsible for increasing weight.
  • We should take green vegetables which can help in reducing weight. These green vegetables are not rich in fat and also for good health
  • We should avoid fried foods such as pakoras, bread roll, paratha and many more fried foods which also increase the weight.
  •  The protein rich foods are helpful in reducing weight of the person. Thus we should intake foods which are rich in protein such as pulse, fish, beans, and many more.
  • The sugar or starch plays an important role to increase weight of the person. So we should take less sugar or starch food for reducing weight.
  • We should make weight loss meal plans for a week or month in which control the intake of food that helps in reducing weight or fat of the person.

Weight loss pills – There are several weight loss medication to prevent obesity which are as given below-

  • Caffeine – It is one of the most common psychoactive substances in all over the world and is often added to commercial weight loss supplements. It can be used in burning fats which are stored in the body and helps in reducing the weight.
  • Hydroxycut – It is also one of the best weight loss pills which are used in all over the world to reduce weight of the obese person. It has some ingredients which are claimed helpful in decrease the weight of a person who suffered from obesity.
  • Orlistat (Alli) – It is one of the pharmaceutical drugs which are sold under the name of Alli, and also under prescription as Xenical. This medicine can be used by inhibiting the collapse of the fat which are burn up, and making   in fewer calories from fat rich foods as per study, this pills can decrease weight by 6 pounds or 2.7kg. This medicine also helps in decreasing blood pressure slightly and also lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes by 37 percent as per research.
  • Raspberry Ketones – It is also used as supplements for reducing weight which increase the breakdown of fat and enhance levels of hormone known as adiponectin as per study.
  • Meratrim – It is the latest medicine in the market which is claimed for reducing the amount of fat that they pick up from the bloodstream, and help them burn stored fat in the body.
  • Green Tea – It is also one of the popular supplements which help in reducing weight. As per research, green tea contains main antioxidant that can be used to burn fat which is stored in the body of the person.  This type of tea may increase the neither activity of nor epinephrine, a hormone that helps in burn fat which is stored in the body.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – It is also one of the popular supplements for reducing fat in the body of a person. This supplement is present naturally in some fatty animal foods such as butter and cheese. It may decrease appetite boost metabolism and stimulate the breakdown of body fat which is stored in the body.

Yoga for weight loss – If you want to reduce fat then daily yoga practice can also b used in decreasing weight and increase physical activity at morning. Yoga is also helpful in burning few calories than traditional exercises.