What are the Several Healthy Foods for Good Health

As we know for good health, we should take healthy foods.  We must take healthy breakfast with nutrients foods which is beneficial for our health.

There I are several number of healthy foods to eat which are tasty and good for your health are as given below

1. Eggs – Eggs is one of the common healthy breakfast foods with good source of protein which is beneficial for our health.  It also contains vitamin B-2, and vitamin B-12 which is beneficial for red blood cells. Egg also has good source of amino acids which is helpful for stimulating muscle protein synthesis. As per search, eggs are full of nutrients which are essential for our health. If we take eggs at breakfast then it is good for our health.  Eggs are also the best source of choline which is essential for liver health and brain. We should commonly eat omlette with bread during breakfast which has a great source of vitamins, and minerals, and is beneficial for keeping good health.

2. Apples – Apple is also healthy fruit and has a great source of vitamin C, fiber and several antioxidants which is essential fr our health. Now apples are used in breakfast which is good for health and also helps in reducing weight. It also improves digestion, reduce sugar level in blood, and lower the risk of cancer. Due to good source of iron in apple, it also helps in prevent anemia. It also contains soluble fiber which can lower the cholesterol level in blood is god for healthy heart. Apple also beneficial for strong eyesight vision due to decrease the effect of free radicals n the eye. Due to the antioxidant are present in apples it is beneficial in reducing Alzheimer’s diseases

3. Bananas – It is also one of the healthy fruit or food especially takes in morning breakfast which helps in control weight to prevent obesity. Banana is rich in potassium, fiber, antioxidants and vitamin B6 which are good for our health. It also contains iron which helps in prevent anemia and also used in reducing weight, relieve in stress, control blood sugar level and improved digestion. Banana is also especially taken in breakfast with these benefits.

4. Oranges – It is one of the popular fruit with great nutrients which is good for our health. It contain great source of vitamin C that prevents free radicals and causes chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. Oranges also contain magnesium that helps in control blood pressure. It also contain great source of citrus which helps in prevent several types of cancers such as colon, breast, skin, lung and stomach. Due to it contains potassium it is good for heart health.. If you take daily orange juice in breakfast then it reduces the risk of kidney stones and some other kidney diseases.

5. Almonds – It contain a great source of nutrients such as vitamin E, calcium, riboflavin, fiber and magnesium. As per study, it helps in control cholesterol level in our body which is good for our heart health.

6. Leafy green vegetables – As we know leafy green vegetables is good for our health and may take in lunch or dinner. If you take green leafy vegetables such as cabbage or spinach then it reduces the risk of developing type-2 diabetes which is also good for heart health as per research. Thus green leafy vegetables are used as heart healthy foods. Mostly it is used in lunch or dinner which is healthy diet foods.

7. Sweet potato – It contain large source of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6 and dietary fiber. Sweet potato also has carbohydrates, iron, calcium which is beneficial for our health.

8. Chicken – The chicken meat contain excellent source of protein which is good for our health. The chicken is a white meat it can be easily consumed as compared with red meats such as beef. Red meat is very harmful for our health. If you like chicken then the preparation and coking of chicken indicates that it is healthier or not. It means deep fried chicken should be avoided and removes the skin of the chicken that contains high fat which is not good for health.

9. Oily fish – This type of fish such as trout, herring, salmon, mackerel, anchovies and sardines has30 percent oil which is omega-3 fatty acids. Oily fish is beneficial for the nervous system and heart. This fish is also beneficial for those patients who are suffered with inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis. It also contain good source of vitamins A and D which is beneficial for our health.

10. Avocados – It contain good source of fats, vitamin B, vitamin K, vitamin E and fiber. It reduces cholesterol level in blood which is beneficial for heart health as per study. If we take avocados then prevent oral cells and also destroy the pre-cancerous cells.

11. Broccoli – It contain good source of calcium, folate, fiber and phytonutrientsPhytonutrients are a compound which lower the risk of developing diabetes, is good for heart and some cancers. It also has vitamin C, and an antioxidant which is beneficial for our health.

12. Spinach – It is one of the popular green leafy vegetables which is also known as Palak in our country. It has a great source of phronutrients, minerals, and vitamins which is beneficial for our health. If you take spinach in lunch or dinner then it is free of fat and calories which helps in control or reduce weight. Due to it contains potassium, spinach are helpful in reduce blood pressure which is good for heart health. It also has folate that is beneficial in decrease hypertension. The iron are present in spinach it is helpful in prevent anemia. Spinach contains violaxanthin and neoxanthin which are helps in reduce timorous activity and prevents the spread of cancer throughout the body. It also contain flavonoids with anti-cancer properties thus it is very effective against the occurrence of aggressive prostate cancer which is good for our health.

Thus if we take these healthy food to eat everyday then it is beneficial for our health and may becomes healthy person. It may also increase the age of the person.