What are the causes of Anorgasmia?

Anorgasmia – The word anorgasmia is for usual difficulty attaining orgasm after satisfactory sexual activity with their partner that causes personal torment. Anorgasmia is one of the sexual diseases in which an individual cannot achieve orgasm during adequate sexual activity.  This sexual disease is most common in females about 4.6 percent more than as compared with males. Anorgasmia is especially is one of the rare sexual diseases in younger men and more problems in post-menopause women. This sexual disease is closely linked with delayed ejaculation especially in male people. It may al causes sexual frustration among couples.

Most of the women do not normally have orgasms by vaginal penetration and need a certain level of indirect or direct clitoral stimulation. This sexual problem is also called as a female orgasmic disorder or orgasmic dysfunction.

Causes of Anorgasmia – There are some of the causes of this sexual diseases which are as given below –

  • Diabetes
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Religious or cultural beliefs
  • Shyness
  • Stress or anxiety
  • History of sexual exploitation
  • Lack of trust or conflicts between couples.
  • Guilt about enjoying sexual intercourse with any person

Types of Anorgasmia – There are several types of anorgasmia which are as discussed below –

  • Primary Anorgasmia – It refers to the condition of any individual who has never experienced an orgasm. This type of anorgasmia was more common in women but it also occurs in some men that lack the bulbocavernosus reflex.
  • Secondary Anorgasmia – In this type of anorgasmia, if you used to get anorgasmia and facing a problem in reaching climax. Its causes may be depression, intake large amounts of alcohol, certain medications, injuries or pelvic surgery, and many more.
  • Situational Anorgasmia – It is that type of anorgasmia in which you are capable to get an orgasm only in certain specific terms including oral sex or masturbation. It is a universal problem for women.
  • General Anorgasmia – In this type of anorgasmia, you are not able to get an orgasm with any partner or any situation.

Treatment of Anorgasmia – There are some of the techniques which are used in the treatment of Anorgasmia are as given below –

  • Estrogen therapy – If you are suffering from anorgasmia which is linked with menopausal symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes then use estrogen therapy by using gel, pill or patch may help in preventing signs and increase sexual response. Local estrogen therapy uses a vaginal cream, or ring which you insert in your vagina. It may help in increasing the flow of blood to the vagina and beneficial in enhancing sexual arousal.
  • Testosterone therapy – This therapy is used if you have reduced sex drive, fatigue after any surgically induced menopause, and depression. Testosterone therapy is used for postmenopausal women that have a history of uterine or breast cancer. But this therapy is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction. However, it can cause several side-effects such as acne, extra body hair, male pattern baldness, and many more.
  • Increase sexual stimulation – If you have not experienced an orgasm then increase sexual activity with your partner. Most of the women need indirect or direct stimulation of the clitoris to reach climax.
  • Consult with sex therapist – if you have any problem with anorgasmia then consult with your sex therapist that helps in preventing problems by treating sexual concerns. Generally, therapy is beneficial in providing sex education, behavioral exercises, and help with communication skills which can perform with your male partner at home.
  • Vacuum device – A clitoral vacuum device are beneficial in increasing the flow of blood and enhance stimulation. If you are suffering from any sexual problem including anorgasmia then use this device to prevent sexual diseases and improve your sexual life with your partner.

Alternative medications – There are several natural products, contain L-arginine that are commercialized to improve the sex lives of women. However, there is no proof to supports its effectiveness in female sexual dysfunction, and also not approved by the FDA.