What are the Benefits of Eating Breakfast?

Breakfast – It is one of the important meals which are beneficial for the health of the person. Breakfast provides energy for the whole day to work in an office or study in the school. It also helps in reduce in weight of the person. At the time of busy morning it is easy to take breakfast with healthy fruits and eggs with bread which gives energy in all over day. Before breakfast you take meal at dinner with the difference of 10 to 12 hours so taking regular breakfast is very important for people.

Some people think that skipping breakfast helps in reducing the weight but this theory is wrong. If you skip the breakfast daily then it increases the appetite which is responsible for gaining the breakfast. Breakfast control the appetite which is beneficial in reducing weight. During busy schedule for the day, taking breakfast is very easy in few minutes such as toast with egg, snacks, healthy fruits, butter bread with tea and many more. If you ignore the breakfast then did not concentrate in your official work, lecture in class, any meeting with clients, writing a blog and so on.

Breakfast means in English refers to breaking the fasting period of the previous night dinner. The English word dinner is from old French “disner” or breakfast referred to the breaking a fast and it was the name given to the first meal. In 15th century breakfast came into in English word for describing the morning meal.

Benefits of breakfast – There are several health benefits of breakfast which are as given below –

  1. Provides energy – The energy needs of people depend on the breakfast for the whole day. It is the first meals and provides energy to work in the day with full concentration and hard work. Without energy nobody can work from morning to afternoon in which people can work maximum of the day. It also control or maintain sugar level  by breaking the fast and providing the fuel (energy) to the body that needs to function properly throughout the day.
  2. Breakfast decreases appetite – As per study it shows that taking breakfast in the morning which greatly reduces appetite and cravings throughout the day. There are a lot of people who skip eating breakfast for avoiding extra calories. But by taking breakfast with high fiber and rich in nutrients in the morning it reduces appetite and taking less quantity in lunch and dinner that helps in maintain or control the weight. Therefore we should take breakfast daily.
  3. Weight loss - As per research, it shows that the breakfast helps in reducing weight and makes east to maintain weight and lower the risk of obesity which is one of the serious diseases and linked with several diseases such as heart problems, high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol and many more diseases. Those people who take breakfast in the morning daily they reduces weight as per study.  The people who skipped breakfast then they would overeat at later meals which increase the risk of overweight..
  4. Prevent type 2 diabetes – You may prevent type2 diabetes by daily taking healthy breakfast in the morning as per study.  The researchers found that in the 10 years people who take daily breakfast which lower the risk of diabetes by 30 percent which is also beneficial for the heart.
  5. Improve your performance – When you get up in the morning then your body becomes dehydrates in all over night due to not take food in the last 10 hours. If you take healthy breakfast foods regularly with full of nutrients then in improves the performance in school, college and office. When take breakfast in the breakfast which is a first meal of the day then it provides essential nutrients to perform. As per Food Research and Action Center, it shows that the students who take breakfast regularly then perform better on test in class. Students can also better in the academic career if you take breakfast regularly.
  6. Benefit your skin – As per the American Dietician Association, if we take protein breakfast with eggs and fruits are also necessary for healthy breakfast. These healthy foods are rich in vitamin D and vitamin A. It also contains l essential nutrient lutein that helps in maintain healthy skin of the body. Thus taking healthy breakfast is also beneficial for healthy skin.
  7. Improve the mood – In a morning benefits of oatmeal for breakfast can drastically improve the mood which helps in work with full efficiency. When you sleep for 8 hours then lose nutrients and become irritable when wake up in the morning. If you take breakfast then it provides energy which is essential for satisfaction and happy in all over day. Thus we conclude that if you take breakfast with healthy food it improves the mood throughout the day.