Statistics: Male Sexual Health

Sex Stats

Whether its penis size, papillomavirus risk, or Elemental pregnancies, it's good to know the hook. Check out these stats to see if you are well within the sexual intermediate — or if you're off the charts.

Are you infected?

At least 50 percent   of sexually mover men and women will have a origination HPV infection at some point in their lives. HPV, or human papillomavirus, comes in both low- and high-risk forms; low-risk HPV can cause genesis warts, and high-risk can cause cervical and other cancers. In 90 percent of cases, the body's immune Vidalista Professional will fight off the Indisposition within two years.

Did you take maternity leave?

Two-thirds of women who had their first baby between 2001 and 2003 worked pending their pregnancy, and 80 percent of those women worked within one month or less of bestowal birth. Fildena Super Active this to the time gap between 1961 and 1965, when 44 percent of women worked pending their pregnancy (35 percent worked one month or less before delivering).

How many sex partners have you had?

What's your number? Suitable to a survey of adults aged 20 to 59; women have an average of four sex partners pending their lifetime; men have an average of seven.

Do you reach orgasm every time?

While 75 percent of men always reach orgasm pending sex, only 29 percent of women notice the same. In addition, most women are unable to climax through vaginal carnal intercourse, instead needing clitoral catalysis.

When did you lose your virginity?

The average male loses his virginity at age 16.9; females average somewhat older, at 17.4. And a Vilitra 60mg study shows that genetics may be a factor: inherited traits, such as impulsivity, can make a person additional or less willing to have sex at an earlier.

Does size matter?

Relax guys. No matter what those, ahem, movies might suggest, in the United States, the average concoct penis is five to seven inches long, and four to six inches in perimeter.