Yeast Infection 

Most of the women feel a vaginal yeast infection which is similar that vaginal diseases and sexually transmitted infections (SITs).

Vaginal yeast infection in women is a fungal infection that causes discharge, intense itchiness, and irritation of the vagina and the vulva when the tissues at the vaginal opening.  This infection is also called a vaginal yeast infection, and vaginal candidiasis in women that affects up to 3 out of 4 women. Most of the healthy vagina have yeast but occasionally the yeast grows very large that leads to a yeast infection. This type of infection in women can be very uncomfortable and irritating.

In this type of infection, the vagina of women is painful, swollen, and creates a discharge. Some of the types of vaginitis-each with similar symptoms but vaginal yeast infections are one of the most common in women.

Causes of Yeast Infection

Most of the vaginal yeast infection in women which is caused by the fungus Candida Albicans. A vagina in women contains a balanced mix of yeast such as bacteria and candida. Some of the bacteria including lactobacillus are responsible for an overgrowth of yeast.

There is an extra growth of penetration of the growth of fungus or candida causes the symptoms of yeast infections especially in women.

Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infection 

There are several symptoms of vaginal yeast infection are as given below –

  • Burning in vagina
  • Swelling of the vulva
  • Burning during urination
  • Itching in vagina
  • Yellowish or Greenish vaginal discharge
  • Feel pain during sexual activity
  • Vulvar rash
  • Grey or White vaginal discharge may be thick

Most of the yeast infections in vaginal do not produce a strong vaginal odor. Fishy vaginal odor is one of the most common with bacteria and is caused by bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is a bacterial infection of the vagina in women.

There are some other yeast infections in women that may also cause tears or cracks and redness in the wall of the vagina.

Is Yeast Infection in Women Affect Their Sexual Health? 

Vaginal yeast infection in women can cause abnormal vaginal discharge and uneasiness during itching, burning, and urination in the vaginal area. These symptoms of this infection may also responsible to make it uncomfortable during sexual activity. This infection can hamper the sexual health of women. Sexual intercourse may extend the infection and allowing symptoms to return and these signs may be worse than they were before.

Sexual intercourse can also transmit the infection to your partner. If you sex with a yeast infection can affect your sexual health due to it can be very painful and extremely uncomfortable. During sexual activity, penetration can aggravate inflamed tissue which increases the irritation and itching. When inserting anything into the vagina by either by finger, tongue, and sex toy can causes bacteria in your vagina. Thus, it may make your infection more harmful or severe for your sexual health.

Treatment of Yeast Infection 

There are some of the treatments of yeast infection in women that affect sexual health are as given below –

  • Tea Tree oil – It is one of the important oils which is produced from the leaves of the tea tree. This type of oil helps to remove or kill viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Several studies show that inserting a suppository with tea tree oil into the vagina may help treat yeast infection in women.
  • Garlic – It is one of the prominent herbs which is also used as a cream due to its antifungal or antimicrobic properties for the treatment of yeast infection in women. This type of treatment is easily available in your home. If you want to use this technique then make a paste of garlic and apply it to the affected area. It is important to note that consuming raw garlic is beneficial for your overall health.
  • Antifungal Cream – These OTC medications are available in the form of a cream, suppository, or ointment are used in the treatment of yeast infection in women. Some of the medicines only require a one -day treatment but others may essential for three to seven days. Generally, OTC medications are very effective for those women who have mild infections.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – It is one of effective home solution for the treatment of yeast infections in women. Vinegar is also popular for its several benefits and medical uses. Before applying, you can dilute the apple cider vinegar with water. Thus, apple cider vinegar is also used in the treatment of yeast infection in women.