How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Now days there is a race of competition of gaining a high percentage in board exams, selection in competitive exams or got a job for earning money which creates stress. Responsibility of how to manage family is also the main cause of stress. Tension in marriage life, in relationship, and career also creates the stress on both boys and girls. At present unemployment is one of the most common reasons for stress.

Before discuss this topic first of all discuss what stress is

Stress – It is the reaction of body when any change that need an adjustment or response.  In the stress the reaction of body changes with mental, physical and emotional responses. You can feel stress with your body, negative thoughts and environment. There were positive changes in life also create stress such as got a new job, birth of the child after marriage create stress in life. The work load in office creates stress which is a main part f life.

How to relieve stress There are several stress relieve tips to reduce the stress which are as given below

  1. Regular exercise – If you can do regular exercise which is one of the most common ways to reduce stress. This physical activity can relieve s mental stress which is also good for health. The benefits of exercise for those who can do regularly are less experience stress as compared those who do not regular exercise. When you do exercise daily then increase in confidence in the body which may prevent or reduce stress. You can also enjoy when doing several physical activities in early morning such as morning walk, running, dancing or many other activities which fresh up the mind before going to office. In this way daily exercise helps in lower the risk of stress and anxiety by several physical activities in early morning and better sleep at night.
  2. Spend time with family and friends -  If you are suffering from stress then participate in social activities with close friends and family members which helps in reducing stress. In tough times you can meet friends or family members to tell about their difficulties in life that helps in reduce the stress. If you have stress for board exams, new job or personal interview then meet friends and family members that is beneficial to reduce the stress and motivate you to work.
  3. Listening music – It is one of the important ways to relieve stress due to several problems in the life. When you are suffering the stress of any work load in office, new joining in any company, for preparing board exams, and many more then listen music which helps in diverting the problem and reduce stress. Listening music relax the mind of the person which is beneficial to decreases the stress due to several problems.
  4. Deep breathing – During mental stress, the sympathetic nervous system indicates the body t fight or flight mode. In this reaction stress hormones are released when you feel symptoms of this problem such as fast breathing or heartbeat, constricted blood vessels, not to sleep at night and many more. If you do the exercise of deep breathing then can help to activate parasympathetic nervous system that controls or maintain the relaxation response. There are different types of deep breathing exercises such as abdominal breathing, paced respiration, diaphragmatic breathing, and belly breathing which help in reducing stress.
  5. Cuddle – Some other activities such as hugging, cuddling, kissing and sex that can helps in reducing stress due to several problems as per study. There is positive physical contact helps to release oxytocin and lower Cortisol which is beneficial in lowering blood pressure and heart rate that are physical symptoms of stress.  If you are married and suffering with the problem of stress then talk romantic and kiss with wife that helps in lowering the risk of stress.
  6. Meditation – It is one of the important stress relieve tips for any individual who are suffering with the problem of stress. Medication helps in reduce or relieve in tension headache which is one of the main symptoms of stress. When you feel the problem of stress then any time you do meditation that helps in relieve stress.
  7. Yoga – It is also one of the physical exercises to lower the risk of stress. Yoga helps in lowering the level of cortisol, heart rate, lower blood pressure and increase gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter which reduce mood disorders. Thus in this way yoga helps in reducing stress.

If you are suffering with the problem of stress in life then follow these tips to relieve in stress and make life happier with no stress.