How to Prevent Hair Loss in winter?     

At present there are several diseases are spread in all over India such as heart diseases, Jaundice, Malaria. AIDS and many more Hair loss is one of the main diseases in all over the country including USA. It is caused by stress, depression, hormonal changes, heredity, air or water pollution, medications, and medical conditions.  The continuous thinning hair is the main cause of hair loss. This hair problem is also caused by high level of testosterone which is also especially in men.

Now different new hair styles are very popular among youngsters by using fake hair products for good looking hair among friends in the parties to attract people especially females. But the use of fake hair products is very harmful for hair. The use of fake hair products is the main reason of hair loss in youngsters. When any youngsters are suffered with the problem of hair loss which is very irritating problem then they were go into depression. High level of Dihydrotesterone (DHT) is also the main reason of hair loss especially in men. If any youth ignore the hair fall for several years then it is very serious hair problem and resulting hair baldness.

Hair baldness is caused due to continuing hair loss with the increase in age which is very irritating problem. Hair baldness is one of hair problem in which it is caused by the excessive hair loss from the scalp. Hereditary hair loss with the increase in age is the main reason of hair baldness. Most of the old people are suffered with the problem of hair baldness. Hair baldness is very irritating then some people hidden by using hats or carves.

Causes of hair loss – Every person loses around 100 hairs daily but generally avoid loses hair due to new hair is develop in the same time. If the hair loses is faster than new hair growth then this problem is serious and resulting hair baldness.

There are several hair loss causes which are as given below –

  • Hair styles and some treatments – It is the main cause of hair loss in most of the youngsters who are interested in making new hair styles. There are too much hair styles which pull the hair tight such as cornrows or pigtails. It is also known as traction alopecia. Some treatments of hair may also cause hair loss such as hot oil hair treatments can also cause inflammation of hair follicles which leads to hair loss.
  • Heredity problem - It is one of the most common causes of hair loss in women or men which resulting hair baldness especially in men. Generally it occurs gradually increases with increase in age results bald spots in men and thinning hair in women.
  • Medications and supplements – Those people who take medicine for certain diseases such as depression, cancer, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and arthritis can cause side – effects which are also main reason of hair loss.
  • Hormonal changes and medical conditions – Hormonal changes is due to childbirth, thyroid problems and pregnancy  one of main causes of temporary or permanent hair loss in women  There are several medical conditions such as alopecia that causes scalp infections and irregular hair loss.
  • Stress or depression – When any incident occurs in life and causes emotional or physical shock for person and goes into depression which is also main reason of hair loss. But this type of hair loss is temporary which not serious hair problem
  • Making new hair styles – Now the youngsters (boys and girls) are interested in making new hair styles by using fake hair products such as hair dyes, shampoos and many more products to attract people in gathering parties and social functions. Is also one of the main cause of serious hair loss in both men and women?

Hair loss in winter – The problem of hair loss is also occur in winter due to the scalp of the head becomes dry that increases dandruff and apparently causes hair damage and excess hair fall. You can provide protein and nourishment to the hair to prevent hair loss in winter

You should avoid anti-dandruff shampoos which may causes dry hair and using trireme. We should not oil massage and a large amount of conditioner in the season of winter and wash in regular intervals.

Prevention of hair loss – There are several measures and tips to prevent hair loss in both men and women are as given below –

  • We should avoid fake hair products for hair styling to prevent hair loss
  • We should avoid tight hairstyles such as braids, buns or ponytails.
  • We should avoid compulsively rubbing, twisting or pulling the hair
  • We should avoid harsh treatments such as curling irons, hot rollers or treatments and permanents.
  • We should treat the hair gently during brushing and washing. There is wide-toothed comb which may help in preventing pulling the hair.
  • We should avoid some supplements and medication which are responsible for hair loss.
  • Male person should avoid smoking which is also responsible for hair baldness in men as per studies.

Treatments of hair loss – There are some hair loss treatments which are as given below –

  • Hair Transplant - Hair transplant is a permanent solution of hair baldness especially for men. Thus if any one of the male person is suffered with the problem of hair baldness then hair transplant is any clinic to new growth of new hair and looking attractive as earlier.
  • Biotin for hair loss – Vitamin B-7 or Biotin is a water soluble nutrient which is present in such foods such as liver, nuts and lentils. We should take such foods which are rich in Vitamin B-7 to reduce or prevent hair loss.
  • Folic acid supplements – This type of acid may be used for new growth of cells. Folic acid can be used to help follicles and produce new hairs in the areas of baldness as per study.
  • Anti-thinning shampoo – This type of shampoo works in two days in which such products provide volume for the hair thus it looks thicker. It can be helpful for that person who has thinning or naturally fine hair. Shampoos for hair loss contain amino acids and vitamins which help in generate more hair on the scalp. For best result we should use products per day.
  • Scalp massage – it is one of the inexpensive methods to get thick hair and prevent hair loss with no side-effects. We should wash hair gently and apply pressure with the use of fingertips around the scalp to promote flow of blood and handed scalp massage to remove dead skin cells.