How to do Yoga at Home Easily?

Before starts the discussion first of all discuss what is yoga?

Yoga – It is a different type physical exercise with the relaxation, breath control, diet control, meditation and positive thinking. The aim of yoga is to develop harmony in the mind, body and environment. In this physical exercise, it involve low impact physical activity, breathing techniques (pranayama) , postures (asanas), meditation and relaxation.

Majority of the people are known for the physical poses or positions in yoga but don’t know about yoga which involves so much more.

How to Yoga at home – At present in busy days, some people practice yoga daily for good physical and mental health.  If you are interested practice of Yoga in home regularly then there are several ways for how to start yoga at home.

  1. Clear Up Some Space for Yoga - For practice yoga in home first of all starts with find the sufficient place for practice in yoga in home.  Clean up the place where you practice yoga. If you don’t know about practicing of yoga then with the help of videos on internet you continuous this physical exercise.
  2. Set The Right Mood – If you are interested in yoga regularly in home then make a new daily routine for day including the time for yoga. After that the room are decorate with images and objects which helps you for relax and good mood for practice yoga. Some practices in yoga in front of sun then lawn is the best place for yoga thus clean up that place and practicing yoga with fresh air.
  3. Pick Your Poses – When practicing yoga at home faces difficulty without the instructor or teacher due to not know about poses in this physical exercise if you are new practicing yoga for beginners at home. This difficulty is quite challenging because when you practice yoga with teacher then it can make easy and teaches what poses or sequences of yoga you are interested.  To resolve this problem, you should visit any yoga training institute once in a month and have an idea what you will be doing at home. If you are not interested or not time for visiting any yoga training institute then purchase a yoga DVD or book for inspiration. You also watch video of lecture of practicing Yoga on Internet and do it home thus save time for you. If you are beginner in yoga then starts slowly.

Benefits of Yoga – There are several benefits of Yoga which are as given below –

       Improved flexibility is one of the main benefits of yoga.

  1. Yoga helps in lowering weight and prevents obesity which is linked with several diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problem, high cholesterol level and many more problems. Thus yoga for weight loss is the treatment of obesity.
  2. Practicing yoga helps with fresh air are help in reducing stress which is also main benefit of yoga.
  3. As per study, yoga may lower inflammatory markers in the body that helps in preventing pro-inflammatory diseases.
  4. Regular practicing yoga helps in reducing symptoms of anxiety as per study.
  5. Yoga may help in reducing blood pressure, cholesterol level (LDL). High blood pressure and high cholesterol are the main risk factors for heart attack and other heart problems. In other words yoga helps in lowering the risk factors for several heart diseases.
  6. As per research, regular practicing yoga may have an anti-depressant effect and lowering the symptoms of depression due to reduce in levels of cortisol.  Cortisol is a stress hormone which influences levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter often associated with depression.
  7. Yoga may helps in lowering chronic pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis as per research. Chronic pain is one of the persistent problems which affects millions of people has a range of possible causes, from injuries to arthritis.
  8. Daily practicing yoga may help in increase sleep quality due to its effects on melatonin and its impact on several common contributors to several sleep problems. Poor sleep quality is related with high blood pressure, obesity, and depression.
  9. Yoga has several breathing exercises that help in improving breathing and lung function.
  10. Yoga may help in increasing libido and improve sexual performance which is the main benefit of yoga for men.
  11. The main benefit of yoga for women is it can help for the treatment of breast cancer especially in women and also help for pregnant women.
  12. Yoga can also help in increasing strength, flexibility and endurance as per research.
  13. It is important to note that yoga for back pain is the main treatment for both men and women. It may help in relieve back pain due to daily practicing yoga.