Nowadays technology works very fast and easier for those who live in long-distance relationships. So, people talk, text and also use video calls but now it's possible all through the technology who can do sex in he or she is far from you. Maybe one country to others. 

It's very pleasant if you having sex in the same room but some time that's not happening and you did not fully fill your dreaming of sex life with your partner. one more reason is Coronavirus pandemic. 

Imagine that:  You're video calling your loved ones with a vibrating prostate massager bump and your partner says "I am going to make you cum"  then she turns up and the vibrations intensify and your orgasm. she only watches you from other screens.

The real problem is finding the Bluetooth or wifi compatible has an app where you can control your partners with sex toys. Also at that time you can take Erectile dysfunction pill like Fildena 100 mg and feel your sex in the magic world.

List of the top Sex toys app controller.

1) Max 2 Male Masturbator

This is the best only masturbation sleeve on the list and to my knowledge, this is one masturbation sleeve in the market that is controlled by your partner from hundreds of miles. You feel with your partner giving you across the globe

2) Hush Vibrating Butt Plug

It's a stronger vibrator compared to the vibrator who plugs on the market. Very easy to handle and it's also allowing either you or your loved partner control from far away.

3) Esca 2 App Love Egg Vibrator

It's Versatile wearable easy massager that your partner takes out of work. In this illumination LED lights to sync to the vibration, and also give visual feedback to your partner. You can feel the real sex during this vibrator

4) Svakom Ella Love Egg Vibrator

It's powerful egg vibrators not only come out with 10 vibration modes. Apps provide extra vibration setting, and design to take your pleasure over the top. It's Ideal for your partner

5) Desire Panty Vibrator

It's carried throughout all day. Ao, Give quick relaxation when she is in a boring meeting and give turning up vibration to level 12.

6) Vector Prostate Massager

Vector is an adjustable and premium massager. I actually checked the toy and spoiler, I loved it. This gives gentle pressure and rumbling vibration which hit all right spots. 

7) Osci 2: The Oscillating G-Spot Vibrator

This product is slightly different and this is vibrator-like other traditional toys. It gives unique and magical pleasuring to your partner's G-Spot.

8) Desire Prostate Vibrator

In this, Desire Prostate Vibrator massager has 8 vibration patterns and 12 levels. Enjoy sex with your partner with different time zone

9) Couple's Vibrator

It's for both him or her. You are alone and not contact with a partner you can enjoy sex alone. The device grabs around her vulva and simulations both her G-Spot and Clitoris.

10) Ditto Butt Plug

It's an excellent intro to anal play and also can add new stimulation your foreplay, masturbation. The shape is slim and flexible neck so size is comfortable to wear and fun to enjoy sex. It controls anywhere via the We-Connect app

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