11 Things to Improve Your Sex Life

Now days, majority of the husband and wife are busy in responsibilities for the children, mother or father and also busy in office to earn money for family. These responsibilities create stress and tension among husband and wife which destroy the sex life of the couples. Thus they have no time for improving sex life.  In the busy schedule of both husband and wife, one question arises in the mind of couples that how to improve sex life in marriage.

There are several tips for how to improve your sex life which are as given below –

1. How to increase libido – Most of the studies shows that the sex drive peaks around ovulation, the biological time when the women are capable to become pregnant. But there are some factors which influence libido such as stress, tension between couples and having a busy schedule. The stress due to work and responsibility may reduce interest in sex. During vacation the libido may increase. Thus we can say that if couple goes for vacation then it improves the sex life. Bachelor women have greater interest in sex around ovulation than women in long term relationships.

2. Use lubrication – Generally the vaginal dryness occurs in per menopause which can be easily corrected with lubricating gels and lubricating liquids. Busing lubricating liquids and gels to avoid painful sex which can snowball into reduces desire which creates tension in relationship between couples. If the lubricants is not benefit for you then consult with doctor to resolve this problem.

3. Maintain physical affection – If you are tired due to stress and work in office then engaging in kissing female partner is necessary for better sex life.

4. Some medicines destroy the sexual life – There are some medicines which are taken by both male and female to prevent blood pressure, heart problem, cancer and many more can destroy the sex life of couples. If you feel like this problem then consult with doctor and ask for lower dose of medicine thus maintain and improve sexual life which is affected by the huge dose of medicines.

5. Practice touching – Both husband and wife are focus on that techniques which can help in reinstate physical intimacy without feeling pressures as per sex therapist. There are some self-help books and educational videos provide variation on these exercises.  When you goes to office then hug your wife is to prevent stress and increase the physical intimacy which improves the sex life of the couples.

6. Do some kegel exercises – The kegel exercises helps in for strengthening the pelvic muscles? Thus both husband and wife can improve the sex life by some kegel exercises for strengthen the pelvic muscles. This type of exercises can do anywhere during riding, sitting at the desk which can positively impact physical intimacy and sexual pleasure for husband and wife.

7. Go for trip – The trip also plays an important for improving sex life. In the trip in which only husband and wife are fully spent their time in candle dinner, walking on the street, visits some parks which increase the physical intimacy and improves the sex life.

8. Watch bold and romantic movie – If you are alone with wife then watch a romantic and bold movie which increase the physical intimacy and likely to interested in sex at night. Thus it helps in improving sex life of the couples.

9. Try different positions – If you are less interested in sex with female partner then try to different sexual positions which increases in the physical intimacy and also helps in prevent problems. In this way it helps in improving your sex life.

10. Give time to yourself – As we know the sexual responses slows down with the increase in age. Both wife and husband can improve our sex life by searching a comfortable, quiet, and interruption free setting for sex. There is also understand that the physical changes in the body which means that you will need more time to get aroused an d reach orgasm. You spending more time to sex are not bad thing these new sexual experiences may also help in improving sex life.

11. Try to relax – Before having sex with female partner you do some activity such as going for a candle dinner which was very romantic , playing a game gives a positive energy, do exercises or yoga and deep breathing that helps in increase the interest in sex. These physical activities may also help in improving sex life.